Bowdle, SD Hit Hard by F4 Tornado in 2010-We Spoke to the Residents…

23/10/2018 Posted by admin

We went to the town of Bowdle, SD yesterday where an F4 tornado touched down on May 22, 2010. There were no loss of lives and the damage, as significant as it was, was luckily directed at one farm, missing the main street of the town of 500 people when the storm tracked NE instead ofdirectly for the town centre.We had a chance to speak to a young lady that worked on this farm and witnessed this memorable weather event that changed their lives.

Last night we made it to North Platte, NE. We ate some some tacos and checked the models once again with Dallas Hicks (Environment Canada trained Meteorology expert) for the next few days and things are looking very promising:) The storms are looking particularly great on Thursday and Friday…specifically the NAM on the 1000-500 mb level chart indicating strong WAA advection off the Gulf of Mexico (major storm ingredient) and also strong vorticity at the 500 mb chart showing some positive spin and the best part of all of this is the position of the jet stream with the most influencial part of this being the jet streak left exit region where studies have shown greater likelihood of tornados forming. The best thing we can hope for is some significant daytime heating to help the low level cloud dissapate and allow convection to occur.

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Yesterday was a different story: we were still locked up under a big area of high pressure until we headed south to Nebraska where we encountered an area of low pressure and saw some storms in Colorado. We saw some lightning in the distance and figured it was not much more than that. We just found out now, that there was asmalltornado reported in Washington, CO approximately 188 miles away from us!

Here is a clip of some of what we sawyesterday inBowdle,SD


Here is another story to watch featuring Greg Johnson.


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