Birth Of A Name

10/08/2018 Posted by admin

Sometimes I wonder what’s more important: the name or the thing?

I mean if you find a comfortable pair of shoes for saleyou should be happy. But the price is $100 and it has ano name brand. So you move on to where the Prada shoes are uncomfortable and buy then for $200. Who am I kidding? Prada? $400, and a stealat that, and they hurt. Perfect. You have bought a name.

Now onto guy stuff. What the first Super Bowl called? Super Bowl I. Right?


And also Super Bowl II and III, same thing. Theywere not called Super Bowl anything.

Organizers of the football match up which was then from two leages used the base ballname. They called it the World Championship Game, even though it did not have anything to do with the world.

And not many cared. Thefirst game between theGreenBay Packersand theKansas City Chiefs was far from asell out. And on television ithad a bit of a fumble. The half time commericals went too long and the cameras missed the kick off.

So they did it again.

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Super Bowl II which was not called that wasonly slightly more exciting. The organizers knew they needed a name. They came up with The Big One.

It wasn’t.

Before Super BowlIV which was another Big One which wasn’t Big, one of the organizerswas watching his kids play with a new toy from the Whammo company which made the Frisbee and Hula Hoop.It was called a Super Ball.

The ownersaid, as a joke, maybe we should combine the college games in bowls with the new Super Ball and call it a Super Bowl. Ha ha.

And Super Bowl IV became the first Super Bowl.

And the football worldloved it.

It isnow the largest viewed show in theU.S. and the secondlargest day for food consumption in the country, afterThanksgiving.

And what happened tothat first game which was not a Super Bowl? It will never be seen again. The tape was erased to record a game show.


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