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Busy week 

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The last few weeks have flown by (no pun intended.) The team has bounced from Kingston to St-Jean, over to Bagotville, back Eastward to St-Hubert and to our current location in North Bay, Ont.  We’ve carried out a flurry of flypasts for Canada’s newly graduated Officers from the CF’s Military Colleges in both Kingston and St-Jean. Since we’re still early into our show season we still need to practice..a lot.  Coming across unrestricted airspace to practice at isn’t so easy to come by East of Moose Jaw.  North Carolina was the last time we flew a high show, so an airport at a military base in is indispensable in keeping the rust at bay.  It’s only now that I realized how lucky the Snowbirds are to have the open airspaces south of Moose Jaw during our training season. That’s where Bagotville arrived into the picture.  It allowed us to practice; it also gave us the opportunity to re-connect with our colleagues from 425 Tactical Fighter Squadron.  Upon our arrival into the Saguenay airspace we were met by Canada’s finest fighter, the CF-18. Much of the Squadron was still deployed overseas supporting the mission over Libya. Rest assured though that Canada’s finest are doing their best to see that the mission succeeds.  To express our appreciation we ended up taking some of the guys who just got back for a ride. It also served as a way to motivate some them to take an interest in being future Snowbird pilots.  Sharing stories, hearing about their missions and shooting the breeze with some close friends made to stop memorable. 

 It was awesome being welcomed back to the region where I’d spent my first flying tour at.  The region was a nice as I remembered it and the people were as kind as ever.  Dinner that first night forced all of us the practice our second language, which in turn was the source of a lot of laughs.  French for me is a perishable skill (as Scott Mclean graciously pointed during one of the Snowbird 6 episodes,) but after a couple of days it comes back. Don’t get me wrong I still raised a few eyebrows when I ordered my food; luckily I got what I ordered (most of the time). 

We’ll be back in the Saguenay in a few weeks for an official air show.  Hopefully, the food orders will go smoother. 

SB 6 Out 

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