April 27, Sad Day In Southern US.

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Our hearts will be with the families that lost loved ones in the April 27 Alabama tornado outbreak. The tornado was said to be almost one mile in length and demolished everything in it’s path for 7km. 280 people died. Such sad news.

This seems almost unimaginable but it isreal. We have been disussing this severe storm season in the US for a few weeks now here at Global Regina. Wehave been communicating with Global Regina’s “Tornado Hunter” Greg Johnson as he immerses himself into the stormy action down in the southern US. He has taken some amazing photos of some of the sites he has endured over the last few weeks. I am to go down in the next two weeks to join Greg and his team and help guide us to some more tornado paths. But why chase tornados? Well, most meteorologists are trying to learn more about the incredible weather phenomenon. They are trying to get answers to questions like “why do some supercell storms drop a funnel cloud out of them and why others do not?”. I myself, am interestedin learning about how I can do my best to forecast and warn the local people ofSaskatchewanabout what kind of storm is possiblyapproaching come June when our storm season starts here.

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Last night after the tornado ripped trough Tuscaloosa and Birmingham, Alabama, it tracked aast into Georgia. Forecasters are taught to look for certain signatures that appear on RADAR to help indentify what the internal structure of a storm maybe. While prepping for my late night newscast, I came across a sure sign of rotation within a storm travelling through Brooks, GA. This is what is known as aHook Echo. A RADAR return demonstrating precipitation thatis wrapping itself around the backside of the storm’s updraft…creating a funnel cloud and possible tornado. I believe this is a tornado in this shot that I took a snapshot of, due to the fact it has another feature called a debris ball. This is actual reflectivity that is generated by debris on the ground. Scary stuff for anyone in this area. No reported deaths or injuries at this time from this cell.

Here is a picture of what I saw last night.

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