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The Bronze medal game is in the books at the 2010 Ford World Men’s Curling Championships. Sweden won with a tenth end draw for the victory and this team’s first medal at the world championships. Congratulations to them for this accomplishment. Norway is also to be congratulated for a tremendous comeback from early in the round robin to make the playoffs. They continue also to bring color and attention to the game both with their attire and personalities alike. And the winners are … I think curling in general on this one – eight great personalities to continue to carry the game forward internationally.

The gold medal game is about to begin – another great crowd and a little extra pride in the atmosphere to say the least. The building reminds me of the World Junior Hockey atmosphere last new year’s eve in Saskatoon. A great first end – a great last rock by Scotland’s Tom Brewster and a nice pressure tap by Canada’s Jeff Stoughton facing five.

More nice shots converted in the second end and a blank for Scotland. Canada looks sharp and Scotland has played them shot for shot thus far.

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The third end saw Canada become aggressive and throw a second center guard following a Scotland miss. A bit of an exchange of power through the first number of rocks followed by a Jon Mead freeze sliding a rock width too deep set the stage for another great shot (triple) by Scottish third Greg Drummond. A deuce for Scotland and a nice confidence building open draw for the memory bank – those are nice to have early in a game.

More pressure by Scotland in the 4th end – Canada forced to play the more difficult shots all end and making most of them, just not perfectly. Same holds true for Canada’s last – steal of one and a 3-1 lead after four ends.

The fifth end and some nice freezes/taps. Tom’s last freeze attempt just failed to curl leaving Jeff a bumper weight nose hit for three – perfectly executed and called followed by a huge spine-tingling eruption. Despite the turn-around in five, Tom Brewster has to be happy with his teams first half performance – they are right there.

Fifth end break, and speaking of fifth’s Kelly Knapp just delivered my cheeseburger and drink – read my mind on the orange pop like a good fifth man should.

The sixth end, my burger was unreal, and Scotland scored one.

A shift in momentum clear as the seventh end takes shape, but instead of pressing and possibly getting forced, Canada recognized the importance of hammer on the even ends this late in the game and decided with Jon Mead to clean the guards and take a blank and hammer into the eighth end of a 4-4 tie. I’m not always too bright but this eighth end may be a big one.

A huge double and roll by Steve Gould on his second shot and a split house with enough half shots by Scotland resulting in an easy dream deuce for Canada. Up two with two to play.

Playing by the scoreboard by Canada and good rock management by Scotland leaving the hit for two – but a tick and roll out and opportunity missed. Canada 6, Scotland 5 coming home.

Two ticks from Steve, and a host of peels including Jeff’s first and the new 2010 World Champions Team Canada.

A great game to see live. Tom Brewster played with that trademark intensity and passion that makes him so entertaining to watch. His young players were up to the task – I somehow don’t think we’ve seen the last from this team.

What can you say about Team Canada – Jon and Steve spent two hours yesterday at the Callie CC participating in the Parkinson’s bonspiel because a random person asked if the would in the patch the night before. They took the entire week in, enjoyed themselves, and that came across with their on ice game as the week went along.

Trapped in the patch again – it’s been a long patch year, so what’s one more night?


Congrats to all the volunteers – this has been a great event to be a part of.


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