All Aboard!

23/03/2019 Posted by admin

A lover of the sun, we usually choose
vacations in places warmer than home.  This spring, though, we set
sail on the Disney Wonder for Alaska. 
The Morgans were taking on the Last Frontier.  Instead of soaking up
the sun, we were breathing in the crisp, cool Alaskan air.   

I wasn’t too stressed about travelling
with the baby, but I did want to make sure I had enough warm clothes.. so I
pretty much brought all of her warm clothes.  It was excessive.  A
former minimalist packer, this was way overboard.  I guess she didn’t
really need 4 toques… but hey, what if three got lost?   

From the second you board a Disney
cruise, you are treated like gold.  From amazing shows to fabulous food
and incredible views of Alaska’s
inside passage, we really loved it.  The only low point for Brooklyn was day one when she didn’t get her regular naps
and she was a bit startled by the loud noises, but she adapted quickly and was
an awesome sailor the rest of the way.  The only low point for my husband
Greg came after several days of following his rule of ordering two entrees

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per supper, one evening we thought we might lose him to gluttony. 
Thankfully he recovered and was able to indulge again.  For me, I forgot
the camera on board when we went to Juneau,
a lover of scrapbooking, I was disappointed to not be able to take the abundance
of pictures I normally would.  However, our co-travellers, the lovely
Meyers family (you know Derek from Global Sports fame)  came through and
took some pictures for us.  So really, everything turned out awesome. 

We LOVE Disney.. so while Brooklyn will have no memory of her first meeting with
Mickey, I loved seeing her meet the princesses and Mickey and Minnie

For those wanting some insight on
travelling to Alaska
on a cruise.  It’s worth it at any age. I would say don’t book shore
excursions through the cruiseline though, you can do it the day of when you
disembark for way cheaper.  A helicopter ride over the glacier followed by
dog mushing would be an amazing experience.. but it’s a $500 dollar touch. 
We paid a cab driver to take us off the beaten path and had a fabulous time
seeing the Alaskan wilderness and a former gold mine. 




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