A Twisted Idea? I Think Not!

10/08/2018 Posted by admin

That’s right I’m going out on my first official Storm Chase. I’m going to be chasing tornados in a few weeks with the one and only Greg Johnson! Greg is a localphotographer from Regina who has been chasing for quite a while now. We will be hitting up the infamous tornado alley (for part of May. Check out Greg Johnson’s website for more info about the Tornado Hunter 杭州桑拿按摩论坛tornadohunter.ca/

I will be taking photos, videos and will be updating my blog daily with what I’ve seen throughout my journey. This is a very exciting experience for me as I have never doneany chasing”for real”. I have chased a few local storm events back in Ontario just by coincidence – likeafunnel cloud dropped over Lake Simcoe, Barrie ,Ont last summer by surprise while in my front yard, or by driving accidentally through severe weather and capturing some scary looking clouds while passing through. It’s no wonder I was never pulled over by the policeor ran off the road doing this while driving my car:)

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This, will be a lot more organized, planned and strategized. I will be using some state of the art weather tools to assist us, such as GR level 3 Radar software and Greg’s super cool satellite on top of his NissanX Terra to name a few. I will be analysing weather patterns and storm tracksfor the days leading up to the chase and will be very interested in discovering what it is like to be up and close with a twister. I hope we stay verysafe with how we approach the storms, and at the same time I hope to see some action too. After this April which likely going to be a record breaking month for tornados in the US-we should be in a good position to witness a few more!

Greg is down in the central southern US right now chasing and has been there all week.

There’s no place like Regina…there’s no place like Regina…

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