A Special Gift

23/04/2019 Posted by admin

As a little girl, spending time at Grandma’s was always fun.  She had the most amazing doll collection, baked the most delectable Banana Cream Pie and always had a warm smile and open arms.  Before leaving, she would always say “Now what do I have to give you?”  Over the years I took home all kinds of treasures, from costume jewelry to candy or maybe even a crisp 5 dollar bill.  

While many little gifts were quickly spent or lost along the way, on one ordinary Saturday afternoon visit, she presented me with something I would treasure for many years.  As I was about to leave, she pulled a quilt out of the top of her closet.  “Dear, this is for your first baby” she told me sweetly, unfolding a crib quilt.  “Grandma, I’m only 15” I replied with a smile.  She explained she wanted to make sure my future child would have something from her.  An expert quilter, I had spent many years wrapped up in a quilt she had made for me.. and now my child would have the same.  It’s hand stiched with nursery rhyme characters and with the same blue border she knew I loved on my own quilt.   

I toted that baby quilt on many moves until I finally could put it to use with the birth of my daughter, Grandma’s first great-grandaughter.  While failing eyesight and stiff joints have taken away her favourite hobbies.. she still does well as she closes in on her 95th birthday.  She lives at a care home in Melfort with few personal belongings, but she still always says as I leave.. “Now, what do I have to give you?”   I always ask for a hug.   




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