A Cool Smartphone Mapping App for Riders and Walkers

23/10/2018 Posted by admin

It’s not often a cool bike/ walk mapping program is available on all big-name smart phone systems. The free Map My Ride App which I show today on my Global TV Monday Morning News tech segment is available for BlackBerry, iPhone and Android .

Check out the video segment with co-host Mike Sobel:


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It uses your smart phone’s GPS to record a walk or bike ride. It shows your turning points, elevation changes and can be shared with others by simply emailing them your route. It also counts calories burned on any route, factouring time, length and elevation changes…you have to share your age, weight and height for that to work.

You can also post on different social network sites including Facebook, Twitter, Yahoo!, Messenger, Aol, WordPress and more. But there’s a cool factour. Because the program works with Google Maps, it also shows 3D Flyover Video so you can see your real route, as a bird would, and share it, over and over again! That feature works best on computers.

The only downside to the free version, good enough for casual users, is the ad clutter. Three add-free membership rates are available from $5.99 monthly/$29.98 yearly to 19.99/$99.96 yearly with more services including reports.

This would be a great experience for folks participating at my co-anchor Mike Sobel’s upcoming MS Bike Tour:



Check out my son John’s recent rout in St. Albert, Alberta and see the fly-over of the gorgeous city we live in.


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