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High Hopes, Low Convectivity

23/02/2019 Posted by admin

Yesterday was a very promising day which was a pleasant surprise, as all the models were suggesting the highest threat of severe weather would occur today on May 19, 2011. We started out in North Platte, NE and headed south for our original destination which was Dodge City, KS hoping to get an idea of where the storm may fire up for the next day…then we saw some cloud tops on the satellite that were impressive off a trough of low pressure in northern New Mexico and southern Colorado that were headed closer to Woodward, Oklahoma. It was there were we thought we might intercept the storm that was headed north east. Once arriving there, we decided to drive to where we saw a large clearing on the satellite. This would provide more solar radiation (sunshine) that could enhance our instability helping to develop stronger supercells. We saw some impressive towering cumulus, but nothing got going because their was also a cirrus veil (high cloud cover) that developed as the jet stream picked up some upper level moisture and dragged it SW to NE and brought in a big hinderance. It was described to me by Dallas Hicks as turning off an oven when you are seeking convection.

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We did however meet up with some storm chasers from all over the world and got some great interviews with them about everything from hotel stays, to road food, to the most powerful and lethal tornado of 2011 April 27 Tuscaloosa, Alabama. This was an incredible interview that will run in a set of feature stories on Global Regina in the coming weeks. Stay tuned!

We also had a very funny thing happen to us. We stopped for gas in Buffalo, OK and Greg Johnson said to me “ok the gas is pumped, we are ready to go”. I said “I need to use the restroom.” was my time to pay for gas and I walked in to gas station to the restroom, walked out and back to the car without paying! At this time we noticed that the storm chase team for The Weather Channel TV show called “Tornado Hunt” was driving by with their Doppler truck and we thought it was a great idea to follow them closely because we were heading towards the same cell. We were speeding down the road when all of the sudden a state trooper pulls us over. I thought it would be for speeding for sure. When he approached the vehicle he tells us he’s pulling us over because we never paid for our gas in the last town we just drove through!! I apologized to him and asked him if I could call the gas station and work something out. I asked him if he would mind taking $65.00 US from me and dropping the money off to the gas station and he said yes! The next thing you know we are interviewing him about a large EF5 tornado touched down in Greensburg, KS. Great interview. Stupid move though still-I will make sure I double check with Greg about who has payed for the gas at each stop:)

The best part of the day was by far when the first tornado watch went up around Buffalo, OK for the area we were expecting the storms to fire up. It was an exciting feeling to feel like there was something very real about this moment. I cannot imagine what I will feel like when I hear a tornado siren going off. That must sound so erie and must be quite scary. I will let you know because I’m pretty sure I will hear some today. Here is a look at the forecast. Looking good, the SPC ) storm prediction center has put out a tornado probability of 10% so far… We will be heading to Wichita, KS. From this location we can either head towards Enid OK or Salina, KS from this location to intercept these potential cells.


Also here is a link of Greg Johnson talking about yesterday’s chase in the hotel last night.杭州桑拿按摩论坛

Til next time here is a photos taken by one of our storm chase team members Vanessa Neufeld. Stay tuned for a video that will posted about yesterday’s chase day!

Bowdle, SD Hit Hard by F4 Tornado in 2010-We Spoke to the Residents…

23/02/2019 Posted by admin

We went to the town of Bowdle, SD yesterday where an F4 tornado touched down on May 22, 2010. There were no loss of lives and the damage, as significant as it was, was luckily directed at one farm, missing the main street of the town of 500 people when the storm tracked NE instead ofdirectly for the town centre.We had a chance to speak to a young lady that worked on this farm and witnessed this memorable weather event that changed their lives.

Last night we made it to North Platte, NE. We ate some some tacos and checked the models once again with Dallas Hicks (Environment Canada trained Meteorology expert) for the next few days and things are looking very promising:) The storms are looking particularly great on Thursday and Friday…specifically the NAM on the 1000-500 mb level chart indicating strong WAA advection off the Gulf of Mexico (major storm ingredient) and also strong vorticity at the 500 mb chart showing some positive spin and the best part of all of this is the position of the jet stream with the most influencial part of this being the jet streak left exit region where studies have shown greater likelihood of tornados forming. The best thing we can hope for is some significant daytime heating to help the low level cloud dissapate and allow convection to occur.

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Yesterday was a different story: we were still locked up under a big area of high pressure until we headed south to Nebraska where we encountered an area of low pressure and saw some storms in Colorado. We saw some lightning in the distance and figured it was not much more than that. We just found out now, that there was asmalltornado reported in Washington, CO approximately 188 miles away from us!

Here is a clip of some of what we sawyesterday inBowdle,SD


Here is another story to watch featuring Greg Johnson.


1st Day Of Our Storm Chase-Bismarck, ND

23/02/2019 Posted by admin

We made it to Bismarck, ND last night about midnight.We are staying at a reasonable hotel, the rooms are quite nice for the price.

On the way down we saw a damage path from a tornado that killed one Saskatchewan man when ripping though the area East of Bowbells, ND. The wreckage has been mostly cleared away, though what was particularly haunting about this site was the only evidence of what used to exist there was a concrete pad that still sits in the same spot where once house stood. There were also trees that were split right in half that still sway in the wind reminding you what happened on Aug 13, 2010.

Today we are leaving at around 10:30 am (got to sleep in a bit which was nice) to head south on highway #83 to Kansas.

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My favourite part of the trip so far was last night when we all decided to meet in the guys room for a meeting. It was 1:30 am and we all had our laptops in front of us. People were barely talking at first-they were so engaged with their individual computers on their laps:) We were all tweeting, facebooking etc. Dallas Hicks (who is a NAVCAN aviation Meteorologist is on this trip with us along with Vanessa Neufeld (photographer from Saskatoon). Dallas and I chatted about the latest model runs (Both Canadian and US) and we both feel like this storm could possible materialize into something juicy! If we can tap into some more moisture off the Pacific and if this larger Ridge breaks up and allow s for southerly flow off the gulf (eastern moisture) this would be great thunderstorm fuel!. Speaking of fuel, we went through half a tank of gas in Greg’s Nissan’s XTerra yesterday when driving head on into 80km/hr SE winds. WOW!

3:30 am was when we finished with storm discussions:)

Til next time,

Road Food

23/02/2019 Posted by admin

With only about a week left until my first storm chase with Greg Johnson 杭州桑拿按摩论坛杭州夜生活tornadohunter杭州龙凤and Martin Weaver (Global Regina Videographer), it is safe to say I am getting prettypumped about this trek in the US Midwest!! It is something that takes a lot of planning and dedication to get off the ground. Thanks to my News Director Brent Williamson for giving me this great opportunity. Some of the things I’m thinking about leading up to the trip are: clothing-what to pack, technical gear and equipment that we should or should not be taking. Examples would be cameras, editing software, wi fi connections such as rocket stick, RADAR software programs both on my computer and my iphone to use out in the rural areas hopefully on a 3G network. I plan on taking my viewersLIVE with me in the car throughanonline LIVE blog on our Global Regina website.I’m sure we will run into a few snags about what we forgot or should have packed.

Ialso will be interested in what we will be eating on the road. For me, road food has to be healthy. There is nothing great about eating fattening burgers and fries and then sitting ina car and doing nothing for the next 12 hours while driving. Heather Anderson (Global Regina News Anchor) have been trainingover the winterfor our first half-marathon that takes place on June 19. I will have to try and insert a few long runs while on my storm chase. Here is a clipof Greg Johnson and I discussing a little bit about food for our upcoming storm chase in his Nissan XTerra.

Stay tuned for much more exciting storm chasing chat over the next few weeks.


Windows Phone Scam and Behind the Scenes with the HTC Incredible S

23/02/2019 Posted by admin


Daniel Hundt, responsible for the new skin-tight HTC Incrdedible S smart phone against a blow-up of Alexander Graham Bell’s first electrical voice device.

Check out my Monday Global TV Morning Show tech segment with co-host Mike Sobel:


I was in Vancouver recently, at an HTC Canadian tour on the evolution, usage and design of phones. It not only featured the latest HTC phones but included an interesting display of historical phones burrowed from The Telecommunications Museum currently displaying at the Pearson Electrotechnology Centre in Lachine Quebec.

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Among old rotary phones from the 1930’s right up to today’s cellphones, there was an intriguing blow-up planning sketch by Alexander Graham Bell on his first electrical calling device.

I met Daniel Hundt, Creative Director at One & Co. a wholly owned subsidiary of HTC. He shared some inside thoughts on how today’s smart phones get their unique functionality and looks.

“We are aware of the technology that goes in a phone, but every time you start a new project, you want to pull yourself away from all those constraints” he said, emphasizing the importance of pushing the limits with engineers and material vendours to design cool new phones.

“If you don’t do that, you will get the same phone design over and over again,” he said.

He used the new HTC Incredible Smartphone S, with HTC Sense, smart phone, available at Virgin Mobile Canada, as an example of innovative design. “We packed the electronics of this phone as tightly as we could and then used the concept of dipping it into paint, resulting in a skin-tight fit,” said Hundt, responsible for the Incredible S design. BTW, HTC Sense is HTC’s overlay looks on top of the Android OS, for getting around the phone’s features easier.

If you pick one up, you will notice the ridge on the back of the phone making it easy to hold on to, thus the concept of paint dipping.

You can get it from $99.99 without a term contract on the Virgin Mobile SuperTab. It runs on the fastest 4G network, on Android 2.2, does e-mail and social networks and shows MTV on the go with Mobile TV.

It has an 8 megapixel camera (1.3 MP front-facing camera too) and shoots HD video and can be a WiFi Hotspot for other devices. It features a huge 4-inch screen, FM Radio, 4GB internal memory and an included 8GB micro SDHC card. Virgin Mobile offers unique access to Member Benefits for tickets to the latest concerts, discounts at H&M and VIP access to store openings. Check it out at 杭州夜生活


Hey folks, just a “beware” note on a recent rise in Canada of scam phone calls offering to fix your Windows PC.

It starts with a person with a foreign accent calling you at home, saying he is from the Microsoft support team and that your computer has been monitored as acting suspiciously and it’s likely infected.


This is a scam tactic, not from Microsoft, but from folks who want to get access to your computer, supposedly checking it online and trying to sell you software charged to your credit card. I went through the motions, on purpose – don’t try this at home – and they had me run commands on my Windows PC to get information past my firewall with an advance notice they would fix my PC for a price.

So you know…Microsoft does not call people out of the blue, for nothing, unless you have instigated a help call to them.