1st Day Of Our Storm Chase-Bismarck, ND

23/10/2018 Posted by admin

We made it to Bismarck, ND last night about midnight.We are staying at a reasonable hotel, the rooms are quite nice for the price.

On the way down we saw a damage path from a tornado that killed one Saskatchewan man when ripping though the area East of Bowbells, ND. The wreckage has been mostly cleared away, though what was particularly haunting about this site was the only evidence of what used to exist there was a concrete pad that still sits in the same spot where once house stood. There were also trees that were split right in half that still sway in the wind reminding you what happened on Aug 13, 2010.

Today we are leaving at around 10:30 am (got to sleep in a bit which was nice) to head south on highway #83 to Kansas.

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My favourite part of the trip so far was last night when we all decided to meet in the guys room for a meeting. It was 1:30 am and we all had our laptops in front of us. People were barely talking at first-they were so engaged with their individual computers on their laps:) We were all tweeting, facebooking etc. Dallas Hicks (who is a NAVCAN aviation Meteorologist is on this trip with us along with Vanessa Neufeld (photographer from Saskatoon). Dallas and I chatted about the latest model runs (Both Canadian and US) and we both feel like this storm could possible materialize into something juicy! If we can tap into some more moisture off the Pacific and if this larger Ridge breaks up and allow s for southerly flow off the gulf (eastern moisture) this would be great thunderstorm fuel!. Speaking of fuel, we went through half a tank of gas in Greg’s Nissan’s XTerra yesterday when driving head on into 80km/hr SE winds. WOW!

3:30 am was when we finished with storm discussions:)

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